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The Strength of Y's Marketing

The strength of Y’s Marketing is as follows-
Y’s Marketing provides the services of marketing & PR activity for small and medium-sized foreign enterprises, and analyzes and understands the market of industry completely.
And then, we make own business plan together.
It is the basics of marketing.
As you know, the large-sized enterprises hires marketing person or asks major consulting firm to do Japan market survey.
We guess that the small and medium sized-enterprises would get the trusted market survey with reasonable cost.
As long as the company does not have a proper understanding of market, he/she can not sell the product.
-Which company will be the prospect ?
-Who is the right position to talk to ?
-How to approach the target company ?
-Who will the best alliance partner ?
Y’s Marketing delivers a target list of prospect to the customer. The way is led by abt.20years’ business experience of sales and marketing at foreign companies’ Japan branch. When the customer holds the seminar/event, this list is very useful for inviting the right audience.
For the media relation, it is same way. When the company sends a press release to the right media such as industry/general newspaper, it can be raised own awareness effectively.
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