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The Summary of our Services

Y's Marketing provides the support for marketing & PR activities specially or by retainer contract.
In line with the customers' needs, a variety of services will be delivered.
For example-
- Suppot targeted industry survey and customer profiling for the company aiming to enter in Japan market
- When the customer holds a business seminer, Y's Marketing supports the preparation and operations including making invitation list.
- When the customer exhibits a business event, Y's Marketing supports the preparation and exhibition.
- As a one of marketing activities, Y's Marketing supports making the potential customer list for lead generation after a survey of targeted industry and market.
- Y's marketing supports for the creation of the most updated brochure and flyer.
- For raising the customer's awareness, Y's Marketing supports the execution of press interview and/or conference.
- Y's Marketing supports the creation of news wire and delivery it to appropriate media.
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